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Promote yourself

Make your name stand out from the crowd.

Whenever your situation changes (you split with your partner, you find a new one, you turn Professional, etc.), we will publish it on the front page. Furthermore, you can add a short piece of text (an advert a link to your website, or anything else you want) next to your name in results and photos. Make sure your name gets noticed.

Make your profile really yours

Personalise your profile to be how you want it seen.

As a member, you can add extra achievements to your profile, such as teachers, club, individual results, shows, and anything else you want to share with the dance world. You can decide which of your results you're most proud of, and list it as your best. You can even change the photos which are displayed on your profile or remove the ones you do not like

Be the first to know

Never miss out on a new update.

Whenever we add new photos to our galleries and add new results to our database relating to one of your favourite couples, we'll let you know by email.

Get discounts

Up to 50% discounts on adverts and photos

Every member gets a significant automatic discount on any photos or partner wanted adverts they buy, and there is no limit to how many times you can use this discount (And as long as you're logged in, we don't care who the advert is for!). We're also working with major dance companies to provide discounts for our members in their shops in the future.

Get priority service

Skip the queue when contacting us

Although we try to provide excellent service for all our users, our members will always get special, priority treatment - your results will be added sooner, and your queries answered quicker.

Much cheaper than a newspaper

You can get all of that for less than a price of a newspaper
  • Basic membership £19 for a year (less than £0.40 per week)
  • Standard membership £49 for a year (less than £0.95 per week)
  • Premium membership £89 for a year (less than £1.80 per week)
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